Ohio Veterans Memorial Park

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The Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park is funded solely by private donations.
Please consider donating by...

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  • Purchasing Merchandise
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The Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park has been built by an all-volunteer work-force who want to say "Thank You" to our veterans. If you love our veterans and would like to help, we can use you!

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Memorial Pavers

Purple Heart Memorial Paver

The Memorial Pavers make up part of the Memorial Walkway. These pavers are a way for us to honor our veterans, regardless of whether they served during war or peacetime, from Ohio or other states, and if they are still with us.

$ 75.00 & $ 125.00

The Purple Heart Pavers are placed in The Purple Heart Memorial Walkway and are dedicated to those who shed their blood for our freedom.

$ 80.00 & $ 130.00

Family of Heroes Hall Tiles

Corporate Markers

These beautiful photos etched black granite tiles will be placed on The Family of Heroes Memorial Hall - a perfect way to honor both our living Heroes and those who Gave All.

$ 250.00

Our polished black granite 8" X 16" memorial markers make up part of the Memorial Walkway.
These markers are a great way for companies, churches, or other organizations to show their support for our Heroes!

$ 500.00

Pear Tree Markers

Upright Memorials

The pear tree markers are the only living memorial at the park. Each grey-barre granite marker is placed at the base of a flowering pear tree.
The pear trees will also eventually encircle The Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park

$ 1,500.00

Our grey-barre granite upright monuments surround The Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park. They will eventually encircle the entire park.
These can also be customized with your own ideas and designs.

$ 2,500.00 +

Memorial Benches


These beautiful polished black granite benches are found throughout The Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park.
The benches can be customized to honor your Hero, including text, graphics, and photographs.

$ 3,500.00 +


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Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park
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